Oh,Home - 7 craft tutorials of cozy,home-y goodness

In a little less than 8 months the Spook family will be moving into our very own first house! I need FURNITURE! I need like.... shit to put on my walls, and shit to sit on...and spice racks and shit!   

I've made colour palletes via to help me plan for the big move! 
This first palette is the basic color scheme for my house, with the exclusion of the last wine-red color, which is just a kitchen thing:
Color by COLOURlovers
Color by COLOURlovers

These 2 are the extras,to make the rooms "pop"
Color by COLOURlovers

Color by COLOURlovers

Use your imagination with me, and lets see how The House of Spook is gonna look c:

1.Chair Makeover from Domestic for Dummies

For The House of Spook: Cream+Dark wine upholstery

2.Fabric Tapestry by CraftCuban on Craftster
For The House of Spook: Keep the super sweet Indian/middle eastern imagery but in neutral creams, whites and yellows

3.Chevron Pattern Fan Blades on DesignSponge

For The House of Spook: Spray the whole fan creamy-white and stencil yellow floral swirls

4.DIY Dessert Tray by Ladypie on Craftster
For The House of Spook:  just change the color to a blackish-brownish-red

5.Pompourri Rug on Cut out + Keep
For The House of Spook: Peaches+Cream colored!

6.Checkered Floor Tutorial from Craftzine

For The House of Spook: Dark Wine + Cream

7.Paint-Dipped Cutlery by Oh!Crafts

For The House of Spook: All my chosen colors, plus maybe a few teal ones....

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