I haven't touched my blog in half-a-year.

There are somewhat legitimate reasons for this. I can't say I'm too upset that 2014 is officially on it's way out, it was a time of great upheaval and change for me and I can only hope at this point that the year peeters out in a kind of enlightened calm. I can only hope.
I'm currently working on :

Getting my Etsy store back up and running (I actually tried to make a batch of KillJar jewelry tonight only to find out my resin had completely dried up in my long absence, hence this angsty post :P womp womp womp )
No, I do not have another necklace like this. I'm not holding out on you, dawg, it's just I don't know where to find a ready supply of deadly arachnids.  

Improving my drawing/painting ability by giving up on perfectionism and accepting the fact that some pieces are doomed to be "so-so" and that's not the end of the world.
Somebody on instagram called him 'fleshy' - very agree.

My knowledge of horticulture.
My hibiscus chinensis, when it's wet and sunny enough the blooms are about as big as my face.

A capsule wardrobe.

Super-secret secret books.

Building/remastering things, namely furniture I find on the side of the road:

Maybe if I can have the motivation to update in fewer than the next 7 months I'll let you know how it all goes. Cheers,mates.
Oh yeah, if you'd like to keep up with me for frequently than that you can follow my tumblr, twitter, or instagram!


Happy New Year, I'm still alive!

I have nothing particularly important to share, life has been overwhelming me for a few months! I'm also still trying to get used to running Debian :P

Here's a little project I've been working on, and plan to work on in 2014: 

Sugar Galaxy
Design work for Zazzle shop + style curation tumblr. Focus on dreamy pastel pop/grunge/90's aesthetic. 
Hoping to expand to textile design, accessory design, and a 'true' blog (as opposed to tumblog) in the making.

Pretty sweet,yea? I'd like to think of the whole project as an expression of my style alter-ego. 


Inkblots with Alice

My daughter and I made inkblots! 

Free for personal or educational use.

View or purchase these images on house,home,and office wares at:


On the House: Photographic Textures

I, the creator of these images, hereby release them into the public domain. I do,however, politely ask that you do not upload them for sale on, as I have done so already. ;) Enjoy!
For anyone that simply enjoys the textures, links to a sampling of the aforementioned Zazzle products are provided at the end of the post. 

Green Tile Photography Clocks
Green Tile Photography Clocks by PhotoSimone
Look at Green Wall Clocks online at

Check out more of my photo-based products at:


Link Dump 2013, pt. 1

I hope you enjoy my extensive-yet-not-overly-organized, mostly-uncensored bookmarks... but first, a little personal update before droppin' it like it's 7-months-worth-of-obsessive-insomnia-driven-night-web-surfing:

We've moved into our very first house! (cue blog name joke) It's been exciting and hectic, and admittedly I've neglected my 'web presence' in the meantime BUT starting my own little family in my own little suburban spooky homestead has given me sooooooo much to blog about! I look forward to sharing them with y'all.

Now without further ado, the links!

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Graphic Design

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