Always do unto others before they do unto you.


Happy Thanksgiving,Assholes!

5 Adobe Illustrator tutorials I'm loving:

5. Create a balanced T-shirt Graphic

4. Create a Cute Creature

3. Create Wood Grain

2. Create a Gruesome Zombie Illustration

1. Combine texture and vector


What I've been doing (that's not blogging)

Keeping it real with my Etsy: 

 Creating designs for my Zazzle store, Simon Spook:

Being ill. Don't have pictures.


Lookie what PapaSpook brought home!

Beautiful, isn't she? My hubs caught her with no gloves on! I was kind of freaking out the WHOLE TIME I was putting her in resin.


This is what I did today.....

Had lunch with my BFF Kate and my good friend Yolanda (who is sitting on the other side of the table) at a Vietnamese Bistro
Went to the National Funeral Museum with said friends. Took a picture in a coffin. Saw some super sweet old school hearses, caskets of various materials, a history of embalming annnddddddd:
I GOT TO KNEEL IN FRONT OF A MICHAEL JACKSON SHRINE. This was just randomly stuck in the Dia De Los Meurtos exhibit- the candles on the floor are those cheap "Jesus" candles but with Mj's face- there are also a few photographs and on the table sits a jar of Peter Pan Peanutbutter emblazoned with Michael Jackson! I can die now, I've seen everything I need to see.