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Why was I not told of the infinite awesomeness of this website? You can create patterns, pallettes AND NAME YOUR OWN COLORS.

Color by COLOURlovers
Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers
Vector Patterns by COLOURlover


Hump Day: Latex!

I'm blogging about latex?!  Ugh- I'm getting so tame!

Hump Day: Latex

This drool-inducing photograph was shot by fetish photographer Martin Perreault


Bug Process

I'll give you a not-so-enlightening glimpse at my bug jewelry process today!
These are the bugs I caught last Saturday:
From left: Grasshopper and (dead) Damselfly, crane fly, Damselfly, cuckoo wasp

The Damselflies still in molds. I decided to pose the one on the right to look more alive than scientific.

The cuckoo wasp and crane-fly, unmolded. Crane fly has now background yet, and I used a marble effect for the background of the cuckoo wasp.

Here are the finished products!  Click the image to see the listing at my Etsy store.

Damselfly Necklace
No-kill Damselfly Necklace

The glue on the crane fly isn't dry yet, so I'll post it when it's listed


Artist's brain damaged by illness and healed with...Crossword Puzzles?

Artist Lonni Sue Johnson contracted viral encephalitis in 2007 that destroyed her hippocampus and parts of her left temporal lobe. When she re-learned how to speak a year later, she could not use nouns. Johnson became obsessed with words, language, and word puzzles. It has helped her to start creating art again. Read the amazing, heartbreaking, bizarre story.  

Via KUHF News



Went on a bug-huntin' excursion today, here's the booty:
Damselfly OR Dragonfly nymph

Freaky mosquito-hawk looking thing

Cuckoo Wasp - He is covered in dirt but is a bright blue color. It took me and Aaron ages to catch one, illusive little bastards!


Foodie Friday: I missed national Taco Day!!

As you may or may not know, Nation Taco Day was on Tuesday. (Oct. 4th)  There was not a taco in sight at my house, shame on me! To make up for it I'm making Taco Soup tonight, it's super super easy and super super wonderful. This recipe is very versatile, you can put pretty much anything in it and I cook mine in a crock pot.

Daddy's Taco Soup
Not winning any beauty contests but it's damn delicious!
1lb ground turkey or beef -or whatever you like
2 cans of diced tomatoes - you can use 3 if you like tomatoes.
2 cans of beans, don't drain -  I use pinto beans and black beans but my MIL uses kidney and navy beans. It's totally up to you and your tastes. 
1 can of corn or hominy, drained
1 onion, chopped
1 can of green chilies - or a few hatch peppers or some jalepenos this depends on how spicy your tastes are.
1 cup of beef broth 
1 packet of Taco seasoning 
1 packet of Ranch Dressing mix
Salt and Pepper to taste 

On high heat, cook onions and meat. While that's cooking, add all the other ingredients EXCEPT the taco and ranch seasoning packets to your pot or crockpot and set on HIGH. Right before your meat/onions are done, add in the Taco and Ranch packets and mix well. Spoon meat/onion mixture into your crockpot/pot and stir. Cook for at least an hour, on High in a crockpot or Medium over the stove.  You may serve your soup with lime, shredded cheese, and tortillas like I do. I <3 this stuff, after I make it I'll even eat it for breakfast!


Hump Day - Yaoi

Guy-on-guy anime. What's not to love?
(From Wikipedia: Yaoi (やおい?)[nb 1] also known as Boys' Love, is a Japanese popular term for female-oriented fictional media that focus on homoerotic or homoromantic male relationships, usually created by female authors.)

Why don't they make them like this in real life?

 It's nice and everything, but I'd rather be a FagHag than a Fangirl anyday.


The KillJar Influence

These are all the places my customers are from.

It was like pullin' eye-teeth to find a decent "pin"able map online, so if anyone needs one I encourage you to use Zeemaps. 


Shop Makeover!

I drew my logo in illustrator to re-do my banner and icon. I also used my new vector logo in the corner of my pictures and added a rounded edged two-color border. Good,yeh?



Close-up of banner with the fancy new logo: