Bug Process

I'll give you a not-so-enlightening glimpse at my bug jewelry process today!
These are the bugs I caught last Saturday:
From left: Grasshopper and (dead) Damselfly, crane fly, Damselfly, cuckoo wasp

The Damselflies still in molds. I decided to pose the one on the right to look more alive than scientific.

The cuckoo wasp and crane-fly, unmolded. Crane fly has now background yet, and I used a marble effect for the background of the cuckoo wasp.

Here are the finished products!  Click the image to see the listing at my Etsy store.

Damselfly Necklace
No-kill Damselfly Necklace

The glue on the crane fly isn't dry yet, so I'll post it when it's listed

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  1. I love love love these!!! Fantastic!