Illustration Friday

Font Squirrel | Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses.
Niche Designs
Becoming An Illustrator
Where to Go to Find Design Inspiration
101 Projects for Artists and Illustrators | Dani Jones Illustration
Where to Go to Find Design Inspiration

Over 550 Photoshop Brush Packs For Commercial Use

Refrence Photos, ect
50things_bombsaway01.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x360 pixels)
60 of My Favorite Flowers pictures from flowers photos on webshots
Historical Anatomies on the Web: Browse Titles
Tailpiece (17) - design » Old Book Illustrations: pictures scanned from old books
Mels Photoshop Brushes
Sudtipos | Fonts
Free Tattoo Flash Links | Rated 10.00 and above |
tattooink.png (PNG Image, 521x277 pixels)
Art Lure: 50 Cute Monster Illustrations
Postcards of the Past - Erotic Postcards - Victorian and Edwardian Nudes Version 3.0
Traditional Art
How to Draw People
World of Wonderful - 7 tips to define your illustration style
World of Wonderful
How to Draw Realistic Manga, Draw Real Manga, Step by Step, Realistic, Drawing Technique, FREE Online Drawing Tutorial, Added by Dawn, May 13, 2010, 2:25:38 pm
How to Learn to Draw Manga and Develop Your Own Style - wikiHow

Secret Weapons - Jennifer Lilya - Fashion Illustrator
YouTube - Otis Professor Kathryn Hagen: Develop Fashion Poses

Drawing Techniques: Lessons, Tutorials, and Tips for Artists and Illustrators » Thirty Second Drawing
The Henna Page - Free Henna Patterns
Bubble Prints - Make Bubble Print Pictures
How to Draw a Pinup Tattoo, Step by Step, Tattoos, Pop Culture, FREE Online Drawing Tutorial
1101 Cabbage Rose
How to paint at home with Michaels | Wonder How To
Tole Expressions Basic Brush Stroke Tutorial
Ships. Process.
Illustration Class 101 Learn by Example - Learn to draw
Google Translate

How to Draw Original Fantasy Maps for Your Fiction: Drawing Anime & Cartoon Characters |

Artist websites and blogs
Temple of the Seven Golden Camels: A Kick in the Head, Part Four v. xiv
Cesc Grané - - illustration & design portfolio
The Sticky Vat
Emily Sloan
gallery 1724
Chris Boyd - Character Design
Tableaux Jean-Gabriel Domergue - Les élégantes
Jean-Baptiste Andreae
The Art of Cory Mendenhall
Themed collaborative art websites
Urban Sketchers
lines and colors :: a blog about drawing, painting, illustration, comics, concept art and other visual arts
All Things Kawaii > Graphics > Illustrations
Pin Up and Cartoon Girls
kawaii « Drawn! The Illustration and Cartooning Blog
Illustration Friday
ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: Media: Bill Nolan's Cartooning Self Taught
Digital Art Tutorials
Caricature tutorial by ~GuillermoRamirez
Create a Fantasy Girlbird Illustration in Photoshop | Psdtuts+
Character Design | Artist Interviews
How to Get that Anime Look in Photoshop Using a Flexible Workflow | Psdtuts+
Digital Painting Tutorial | Tutzor
Skin Tut by ~shesta713
Draw a Pirate Character in Photoshop | Psdtuts+
Create a Cute Vector Monster from a Pencil Sketch
15 Of The Best Character Illustration Tutorials Online | Tutorial9
Drawing Vector-Looking Cat Illustration Using Photoshop | Photoshop Tutorials - Photoshop Effects - Tutorial Park

Create a Sweet Donut Icon in Photoshop from Scratch | Psdtuts+
Make Your Own Candy Cane - Online Tutorial at Melissa Clifton page 1.
How to Plastic Wrap your Candy with Photoshop and Illustrator | Onextrapixel - Showcasing Web Treats Without A Hitch
KawaiiHannah: Pixel Art, Pixel Doll Bases, Pixel Art Tutorials
KawaiiHannah: Pixel Art, Pixel Doll Bases, Pixel Art Tutorials
KawaiiHannah: Pixel Art, Pixel Doll Bases, Pixel Art Tutorials
KawaiiHannah: Pixel Art, Pixel Doll Bases, Pixel Art Tutorials
Mirukuma » Pixel tutorial
kawaii art in illustrator tutorials - Google Search
25 New Illustrator Tutorials That Will Make You A Master Of Vector Art
25 Brilliant Adobe Illustrator Icon Design Tutorials
12 Best T-Shirt Design Tutorials and Tips
25 Cool Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Of All Times
Vector Illustration: 60+ Illustrator Tutorials, Tips and Best Practices - Noupe

Space Art
The Cosmos: Create a Green Planet, a Setting Sun, and a Space Ship in Photoshop | Psdtuts+

Colorburned | How to Create a Seamless Argyle Pattern in Illustrator

General Digital Arts
Yupyland character art - Classic Illustrator Tutorial - Digital Arts 
Digitally Paint a Fantasy Tree Scene | Psdtuts+
Learn How to Draw Hand-crafted Pixel Art in Photoshop | Psdtuts+
Quick Tip: Draw an Ink Painting in Photoshop | Psdtuts+
Create the Classic Look of an Engraving in Photoshop | Psdtuts+
Computer Graphics Community with Photoshop Contests and Tutorials -
Vector & Photoshop Tutorials, Freebies & Tips for Graphic Designers| GoMediaZine
Computer Arts - Texturise your layered vectors
How To Add Color To Black and White Photos in Photoshop
Make a Fun "Keep Calm" MOD Poster Part 1 | MMK Media
Creating a Quick and Easy Glass Bowl in Illustrator - Layers Magazine | Layers Magazine
How-to make a great t-shirt (Part 1) / Advanced RedBubble / FAQs - RedBubble Support Version 3.0
Design a Sushi Vector Illustration - Bloom Design Blog | Bloom Design Blog
Do You Want Fries With That Logo? - Smashing Magazine

Communication Arts - Home
Graphic Design Inspiration, Design Jobs, Design Business & Design Career Advice | HOW Design
80 Beautiful Typefaces For Professional Design - Smashing Magazine
Music To Feed Your Soul During Crucial Design Moments | Fuel Your Creativity
Graphic Design Portfolio Projects - Use these Ideas and Projects to Build a Graphic Design Portfolio
Adobe Photoshop tutorials | Celestial Star
50 Photoshop Tutorials For Sky and Space Effects - Smashing Magazine 
Create A Cute Cartoon Beast
How to Create Custom Patterns in Photoshop
Unique Digital Camo Pattern
Photoshop Nerds : Photoshop Tutorials » Photoshop Tutorials
8 frightfully good Photoshop & Illustrator tutorials for Halloween - Feature - Digital Arts
20 Basic Illustrator Tutorials Every Beginner Should See
Illustrator Tutorials & Tips | Vector Diary
30 Best Illustrator Tutorials of 2010 | - Illustrator Tutorials & Tips
Puricute - Cute and Kawaii
Top 20 Illustrator food and beverages tutorials

oddities and inspiration
A Blog on Oddities: the odd, bizarre and strange things of our world! |
LikeCOOL, Coolest Gadget Magazine.
Inuit mythology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
aM laboratory
5-Second Films | A Chilling Revelation
Ultimate Top 10 Lists - Listverse
to colby from jess: mori girls « thecouncilofthree
What children’s skulls look like as they prepare to lose their baby teeth - 22 Words
Fuck Yeah, Book Arts!
Bettie Page Mugshot - - Find Mug Shots Online. Official Records, Criminal Records, Arrest Records
Atheism in Hinduism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cārvāka - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mozi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mono no aware - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wabi-cha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vanitas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wabi-sabi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aponia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Craft DIY Projects, Patterns, How-tos, Fashion, Recipes @

Free Shipping on orders $35+ 
Cut Out + Keep | Make and share step-by-step craft tutorials 

Jewelry Resources
Bead&Button Magazine
BeadStyle Magazine
Cheap Glass Beads | Wholesale Beads | Overstock Gemstone Beads
Designing Jewelry -- Necklace Lengths

DIY interiors
diy project: chevron pattern fan blades | Design*Sponge
diy projects | Design*Sponge
diy project: vintage trophy coat rack | Design*Sponge
diy projects | Design*Sponge
diy project: faux-embroidery quote hoops | Design*Sponge
diy project: halligan’s pocket watch wall clock | Design*Sponge
diy project: jessica’s postage stamp coasters | Design*Sponge
homework: Inkling: lotus blossom pomander ball
Clothing+Fiber Arts
ThreadBanger - D.I.Y Fashion & Style What Do Modern Gypsies Wear? - Polyvore
how to sew spats – Sewing Projects |
LauPre » I’ve lost my scissors… again.
Adventures in Dressmaking
Such a pretty mess: Kanzashi Bloom Tutorial!! Fun handmade Fabric Blooms!!
the 15 minute t-shirt dress! - CLOTHING
Hurry up and get warm! I have a blue oxford sundress (with documentary) - CLOTHING
:::: OutsaPop Trashion recycled style DIY refashion eco sustainable fashion ::::: Seashells and feathers
A Vintage Sky
Etsy Giveaways
Printable Coupons: Joann Coupons
How To Save Money On Fabric & Sewing SuppliesCoupons | Coupons
Hurry up and get warm! I have a blue oxford sundress (with documentary) - CLOTHING
Bubble Prints - Make Bubble Print Pictures

Yarn Muse: Crocodile Stitch
Stitchfinder : Crochet Stitch: Checkerboard : Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) about Knitting and Crochet : Lion Brand Yarn
Stitchfinder : Crochet Stitch: Petal Mesh : Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) about Knitting and Crochet : Lion Brand Yarn
Crochet Pattern Central - Free, Online Crochet Stitch Directory
Knitting Pattern Central - Free Lace Scarves Knitting Pattern Link Directory
Links to Free Lace Patterns
Cinnamon bun- paraparabongbong
pattern: ruffled crochet bib necklace - CROCHET
Giant Do-Nut Novelty Pillow **free pattern included!** - CROCHET
Lily: Pattern Detail - Sugar'n Cream - Jewelry Boxes (crochet)
Berroco® Free Pattern | Buttercream
Knitty: Winter 2006 - editor
Easy_Lace_Scarf.pdf (application/pdf Object)
sc-easybreezy2.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Free Knitting Pattern 81054AD Jumbo Cable Scarf : Lion Brand Yarn Company
Free Amigurumi Patterns
Na na na na, Katamari Damacy! (w/ alt. pattern) - CROCHET
Lidsville |
Crochet Drops jacket in ”Highlander” with decorative edges in ”Eskimo” ~ DROPS Design
Filigree Cardigan | Patterns
Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains: Gemstone Doily
Ten Inch Doily Crochet Pattern - Free Crochet Pattern Courtesy of
Chain Maille Scarf – Free Crocheting Pattern « Glove Love
Crocheted Mesh Scarf « lilibeth’s garden
Bat Wing Bulky Sweater, Sizes 12-14-16 | Free Vintage Crochet Patterns
Berroco® Free Pattern | Celia
turvids blogg

lolita_handbook: Sewing
List - Lolita Clothing - ThreadBanger Forums
Gothic Lolita Sewing and Other Amusements: Lolita petticoat tutorial
Lolita Fashion - For Lolitas of All Styles
egl: Knitting for Lolitas
Sucre Et Epice
Lolita Fairy: Loliable patterns and tutorials part I: crochet
Chinese Shoes, Mary Jane and Kung Fu
F Yeah Lolita
Ultimate sweets deco tutorial – Getting Started « Hikaria – Mini Sweets Studio
Sweets deco tute part 2 – colouring clay and macarons « Hikaria – Mini Sweets Studio
デコデン //// DECO DEN - Massive tutorial of death!!!!
Finished miniatures « Hikaria – Mini Sweets Studio
F Yeah Lolita: Lolita Tutorials - Free Gothic Auctions
Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes ★ MinkyShop
Poison Sugar

Seller's Tips
how to get more sales on etsy - Google Search
Life, craftiness and everything else

Forum Topic - How arists and crafters can make more money

Zazzle 101 ... How to make a profit on Zazzle

  How To Make Money With Zazzle

About | Etsy Services

Getting Traffic to Your Etsy Shop: Seasonal Color Merchandising

8 Tips For Getting LOADS of Etsy Sales | Handmadeology

Etsy Shop SEO Tip of The Week – Week 2 {Etsy SEO Basics – Free PDF Download from Etsy}
  Etsy SEO Guide - Tips from Sellers | Handmade Marketing The Daily Etsian: The Etsy SEO Problem

20 Ways How to Drive Traffic to your Etsy Shop
The Technium: 1,000 True Fans
Pikaland’s 9 Tips to be More Creative | The Etsy Blog
Seller How-To: Tag-o-rama With Descriptive Keywords | The Etsy Blog
Sellers Assisting Sellers
Jewelry Marketing - Resources for the Handmade Jewelry Designer!
The Etsy Blog | Discover How-To's, Interviews With Makers, and Curated Shops
Using Twitter to Promote your Handmade Products
Preparing an Effective Etsy Listing

Etsy Sellers: What is your favorite way to promote your shop?

Tools For Etsy - Buyers, Sellers, and Developers. Hearts, Views, Front Page Treasury Lists

The Etsy Seller Handbook: All Our How-To’s About Selling | The Etsy Blog

Etsy Shop Lovers
 Forum Topic - Blogger pictures - three in a row?

Content is King – 10 Secrets of Great Blog Content {B.L.O.G.}
Quality Backlinks For Better SEO | Handmadeology

 10 Great Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Website or Blog

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How to create a favicon

Link Baiting – How To Make Others Link To Your Blog | Specky Geek
Blog | Meagan Visser - Part 4

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