KillJar Mini-Makeover!

 I re-shot all my photos, redid the colors on my banner to match the new styling, and added a photo in with my banner. I'm so happy with it! Even though I know my camera is on it's way out and is giving me sub-standard photos I think my shop finally looks "grown up!"   
I feel like I've matured enough in the past year to actually be able to handle having KillJar without running around like a mad beheaded chicken.


& the three bears

Re-did this from that drawing I did half a million years ago. I'll post the full version when prints are available.


Vintage & Handmade Shop Ideas

So you wanna start selling on Etsy or Artfire or whatever, but what to sell!?  Here's some I have seen or thought would be a good idea:

Art - paintings, prints, books, whatever.
UNIQUE jewelry
Uplcycled Glass Etching
Upcycled Painted Dishware
Handmade Resin Molds/supplies
knit/crochet in various media (PLARN!!)
Vintage Furs/ other fabulousness (maybe like dolly-kei oriented vintage?)
Soaps and Smelly-goods
Digital Products and Supplies for scrapbookers, jewelry makers and other crafters
Venue-oriented digital services like shop banners and product photo retouch
Cookies, Fudge, Candy and other edibles
Tatted lace
Felted Minatures and Amigurumi
Smoke Shop - handmade pipes, hand-painted grinders
Leather Tooling