RAWartist show, Solstice

I'm having some healthy nerves about the show, but I'm super excited! Try and come if you're in the Houston area c:


I won a give-away from LAB!!!!

I entered a give-away over at Boys with Banjos for this *lovely* necklace by LAB
AND I WON!!! Considering this necklace usually goes for about 70 bucks, you can imagine my excitement c:  I'll post some appreciation photos when it gets here!

Be sure to check out Boys with Banjos for artsy crafty indie awesomeness and LAB for more beautiful hand-made statement jewelry.
What do you think about these trendy collar necklaces? I'm in love!


Furry Bones - Designs for the creepily cute

These are so adorable! I especially love the salt and pepper shaker set.

Cookie Jar
Salt/Pepper Shakers
Cookie Jar
Magnet Set

Which one is your favorite?


Since January

I'm sorry, blogspot. I'm sorry you're not as cool as Tumblr and therefore get neglected.  You're still cool, we promise

I decided I'd brush the dirt off this thing and start making some legit personal/informative posts on here, though my time will still mostly be spent over on my tumblr,  ,  because I have 36 followers here and close to 400 there.

So what have I been up to since January? Probably less than I could write a satisfactory post about. I've boiled it down to these three things:  I've made plenty more jewelry, I was asked to be in an art show in June, and I dislocated my kneecap in March.

I also read Oliver Twist and shaved the side of my head.
More to come on all this bullshit when I have the time...