I haven't touched my blog in half-a-year.

There are somewhat legitimate reasons for this. I can't say I'm too upset that 2014 is officially on it's way out, it was a time of great upheaval and change for me and I can only hope at this point that the year peeters out in a kind of enlightened calm. I can only hope.
I'm currently working on :

Getting my Etsy store back up and running (I actually tried to make a batch of KillJar jewelry tonight only to find out my resin had completely dried up in my long absence, hence this angsty post :P womp womp womp )
No, I do not have another necklace like this. I'm not holding out on you, dawg, it's just I don't know where to find a ready supply of deadly arachnids.  

Improving my drawing/painting ability by giving up on perfectionism and accepting the fact that some pieces are doomed to be "so-so" and that's not the end of the world.
Somebody on instagram called him 'fleshy' - very agree.

My knowledge of horticulture.
My hibiscus chinensis, when it's wet and sunny enough the blooms are about as big as my face.

A capsule wardrobe.

Super-secret secret books.

Building/remastering things, namely furniture I find on the side of the road:

Maybe if I can have the motivation to update in fewer than the next 7 months I'll let you know how it all goes. Cheers,mates.
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