Christmas Fuckery with my BFF

We tried to make a Gingerbread house from a kit.
We failed.
Snow Blob wishes you a happy holiday season

After carefully icing all the sides, Kate ( <- BFF)  stuck the house proudly together and admired her results. Just as she started to say how surprised she was that it worked, the side closest to me fell over, bounced oddly off my lap, and landed on the floor in several pieces.  We just stared at each other for a few mortified seconds before collapsing into possibly the most hearty fit of giggles I have ever been a part of.

She broke another wall about 5 minutes later, after we had decided we'd just fake it by only taking a picture from the front to disguise or missing back patio. It wasn't as funny the second time, but making super fucked up iced gingerbread cookies, dicking around with icing and marshmallows, and laughing at our utter and complete ineptitude was way more fun than making a lame ass gingerbread house anyways.


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