What the bleep have I been doing!?

I noticed a crazy spike in visitors to this blog, so I figure I'd give you something new to read/look at. If you're a friend or fan you'll have noticed that I've all but shut down KillJar and liquidated my stock. It's time for me to move on to bigger and better things, though this is not the last you will see of my bug jewelry... I have just decided to no longer work with resin, as I feel it is negatively affecting my health, so the jewelry from here on out will be somewhat different than what you have seen thusfar.

So...big news:
 I am working towards opening an online boutique, bearing this name (TheHouseOfSpook), offering my own private label clothing, original art, and design, along with my new interpretation of KillJar Jewelry. I'm thinking of starting a crowdfunding campaign to speed up this process, so if you believe in my cause please stay tuned!

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