Unbreaking Vegetarianism

When I was 13 I decided to stop eating meat. When I turned 18- and this is 99.9% Anthony Bourdain's fault - I started eating meat again. I've always regretted it a little bit, and I can honestly tell you that I felt much better when I was vegetarian. When I started eating meat again, it's like everything s l o w e d down.
So I made a decision.
Today, I did not eat meat. I will not eat meat tomorrow, or the next day, or probably ever again. I might eventually work in being vegan, but I am immediately also cutting out all the foods that gross me out when I'm not eating them, which mostly consists of greasy food like pizza and hamburgers. I have a super-strange, strong aversion to seeing/smelling greasy food when it's being cooked (this feeling has increased as I've gotten older) so it's only logical that I just stop eating that stuff along with switching to meatless.
Wish me luck, guys! To celebrate I found a lovely Vegan Dessert Recipe:

From The Post Punk Kitchen

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